9 Problems you will find organizing a hen party


hen party challenge

Planning a hen party is a task that many people find very challenging. With all the organizing to be done and the people involved, it can be quite a hustle.  Below are some of the areas that drive most hen party organizers nuts.

  1. No response to emails

no emails

When organizing a hen party, one has to send emails to the guests for invitations, to ask for ideas and suggestions and talk about deposits. It’s easy for the organizer when people respond promptly, but delayed to failed responses can be difficult to handle. It paralyzes the planning when the people who are expected to support you fail to show any enthusiasm.

  1. Collecting the deposit

no deposit

Some guests can be stubborn when you start collecting the deposits. Some will ignore emails and others will fail to meet the agreed deadlines.

  1. Guests who don’t appreciate your ideas for the party

thumb down

After nights of hard work trying to find something fun and appropriate, you email the ideas to the guests all you get is negative responses.

  1. None of the guests have ideas to contribute

no ideas for hen parties

After rejecting your ideas, planning becomes more problematic when you send emails asking people for suggestions, and they tell you they have none.

  1. With several frustrated planning attempts, you start moaning and talking about others behind their backs.
     gossip friends criticizing another woman at home
  2. The rest feel that you are not doing well enough and they start talking about you too.
  3. As the back and forth continues, the wedding is drawing near. You rush to book a weekend getaway. The team still does not appreciate your effort.
  4. At this point, people start accusing you of ripping them off their money.People get divided as to whether or not the bride should pay. With the increased arguments, there is more talking behind each other’s backs. Tears are shed.
    ripping money for a hen party
  5. People come to the hen party with the exception of one or two flakes who have a habit of not showing up and don’t answer their phones when you try to inquire.


Plan in advance, set up a budget everybody agrees, ask advise to the bride

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