How Many Calories You Can Lose with Our Hen Party Activities

Not so long ago, hen parties were simple and little get-togethers that you could do even on the night before your wedding. Doing that today is just insane. Today’s hen parties are complex cocktail of activities guaranteed to make you feel weary the next do, so much so that you have to go home and sleep. Take the typical hen party. The girls plan an elaborate and eventful night out. Drinks come in the bottles, all of the dancers want their turn with the bride, and you’ll probably be going to the club in the wee hours of the morning. How can you say your vows with fresh whiskey breathe?

calories lost hen party

Not only fun: burning tons of calories

However, that’s just one of the many ways you can do your hen party. There are other ways you can have fun at the hen party, and even wake up the next morning ready to exchange your vows with the love of life.  In fact, we organize hen party activities in Dublin that are not only fun, but they help you burn tons of calories. Don’t you believe it? Carry your calories counter, and watch the calories drop with the following hen party entertainment roster. You might even be able to squeeze into a smaller bridal gown after one of our hen parties.


60 Minutes of 80’s Dance

80's dance

People in the 80s hardly had problems with their weight, all thanks to disco. Bursting those 80s disco moves burns through the calories as a hot knife on butter. Our 60 minutes of 80s dance-a-thon goes through 327 calories, the same amount you’d shed off after a workout at the gym.


Burlesque Class

burlesque class


While we won’t force you to perform a striptease during your hen party, we can teach you a thing or two about burlesque. It’ll come in handy during your honeymoon, trust us. As an added advantage, you get to lose as many as 305 calories after our burlesque class.


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Pole Dance

pole dance classes

If you are feeling a bit adventurous and you want something lacier than 80s dance, you can try your hands, and body, at pole dancing. You’ll need a firm grip, though, pole dancing is not as easy as they make it seem on the tube. In fact, a single pole dance goes through 544 calories.


Nude Body Painting

nude body painting

Since we are being a bit cheeky, we have an excellent nude body painting program our hen party organizer can throw in if you want.  We won’t force you to paint your bridesmaid or something like that, but we’ll bring in a couple of artists to cover you with any color you desire. Afterward, you’ll have lost about 175 calories.


Cooking Class


It’s hard to imagine cooking can help you shed off those extra calories, right? Well, it does, even if you are whipping up a juicy side of stake with some mashed potatoes, you’ll still lose 180 calories. That’s because cooking is a demanding activity that consumes a lot of energy, ergo, lots of calories.


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