Craft and Art

Craft beer tasting at the Sweetman


Beer lovers will love this! How would you like to spend an afternoon in Dublin with your hens while getting info and tasting different beers from all over the world? This hen party outing promises you a taste of all the local favorites plus superb brews from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, UK and US.

This outing has the sole aim of introducing you to as many styles and flavours of craft beer as possible. You will come out with loads of info on craft beer. Learn where the beers are produced, the history, the ingredients and the brewing process used to come up with each unique style. You will learn the history of beer brewing from the oldest Monk to today’s hits like Hipster.

You will have all the unique beer styles that are characteristic of Ireland. There will be Lagers, Ciders, Chocolaty stout and hoppy ales. The experts will also show you how to take your food with beer with correct pairing of beer and light snacks.

Both experienced and inexperienced beer drinkers are welcome to this course. For the inexperienced, you will be wowed by the range of craft beers in the world. The experienced beer drinker will have a fresh insight on beer beyond the usual.


This is the perfect venue for all your events and occasions. J.W. Sweetman is happy to host Birthdays, Retirements, Engagements, Weddings, Leaving parties, Christmas Parties, Table Quizzes, Family Gatherings, Hen and Stag Parties.

Groups of 10-200 people will be comfortably be hosted for social and work gatherings. There are smaller areas across the 4 floors that are designated for smaller groups like hen parties.

About J.W. Sweetman’s

The rich history of Sweetman’s goes back to 1756 and is full of great histories and stories of people and happenings of this great bar over these many years. Stepping into Sweetman’s, you will be aware that you are stepping into a place imbued with greatness. The famous brewing house of Sweetman that has been a highly respected and successful name in brewing established on of Ireland’s most successful brewing ventures in the   18th century.

What is expected?

craft beer tastingEach guest will sample from a craft beer and whiskey tray.  There will be 2 Sweetman Craft beers of choice that have been brewed on-site.  Guests will also sample from a selection of 2 Whiskeys from Teelings and Jameson. Guests in larger groups will have a choice of 1 Whiskey each from Teelings and Jameson.

Nude drawing

nude drawingHave your hens try their hand at free form naughty art. The Blu Room will be reserved entirely for your hen party‘s nude drawing session.  There will be a full blooded male model for your hens to study and mimic on paper as they see fit on paper using pencils.

For those who would like to get the male bits to prefect proportions, there will be a drawing teacher to guide your hands. Your hens can draw at an unhurried pace while sipping on a glad of Prosecco. This will certainly give them the inspiration to see things in a happily different manner.

Book this hen party encounter and you will always look back to your moments in Dublin with a giggle.

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