How Despacito can improve your mood?

Despacito by Luis Fonsa featuring Daddy Yankee has got to be one of the biggest hits of 2017. The remix together with Justin Bieber just blew away the fans. The catchy and seductive lyrics in Spanish are spine tingling and makes bob your head or get dancing if you have space. It is a great love song as well as a party song for the good times.  It is definitely worth a place on your playlist. If you are feeling down, Despacito is the anti-dote. It is a great song for a hen party probably with a male dancer going through the moves with the lady of the night.

Dancing mood

This is one party banger for a hen party. The catchy tune and bouncy beats are just what you need to get a party going.  If you understand Spanish, the singer is certainly inviting you to lead the way and set the mood of the party. Sample these lyrics:

Yes, you know that I’ve been looking you for a while,

I have to dance with you today DY,

Show me the way, I will follow (Oh!)….

Hotly seductive

The lyrics are just what you need to get your crush in the mood. Sample this:

I want to breathe onto your neck slowly,

I want to kiss you ‘til you’re naked slowly,

And make of your body a manuscript (rise, rise, rise)….

Sexy games

sensual dance

If you are having a hen party,  use Despacito for a sexy game.  Acting out the lyrics will bring out the wild side of the girls. You can have the ladies taking turns playing the seductive singer. See these wild lyrics:

Let’s start slowly, then wildly,

We came closer, slowly and slowly,

When you kiss me with that skill

Latino dance

latino dance

For the ladies who enjoy Latino dance, Despacito has that quick step tempo to dance along with salsa.  For the raggatone fans it will have you daggering away in no time. It is a great tune for everyone in the party.



For the hen party everyone is invited to sing out their horse off-key voices. Have the girls try out their 15 minutes of fame with the fast lyrics of Despacito. It will be fun listening to the ladies stumbling through the Spanish lyrics. You could make it simple by going through the remix with Justin Beiber.

Deejaying games

girl deejay

How good are the ladies at deejaying? Set a prize for deejaying and remixing Despacito and have everyone try. It will be a laugh seeing the hapless ladies scratch out this great song.


Despacito theme dance classes

Dance classes could be a fun way when it comes to hen party ideas in Dublin

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