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It’s party time!  Your best friend is celebrating her hen party at home, and she clearly stated she doesn’t mean to go to Temple Bar, crawling from pub to pub and heading to the Coppers.  She’d rather staying with you and the other fellas, sipping some prosecco and watching some old funny pictures. Baking some colorful and tasty cupcakes could be a good start to kick-off the party!

Here you find our party food quick recipe for you!



3 eggs

½ cup of oil (120ml)

1 cup of milk

1 cup of sugar (160g)

2 (really) full spoons of pure cacao powder (Cacao, not Cocoa…the healthier and tastier option for chocolate lovers!)

1 ½ cup of gluten free flour mix (180g) – if using regular wheat flour the quantity changes to 2 cups


First, break the eggs carefully to separate the white from the yolks.

In a blender jug, join the oil, milk and egg yolks and beat it for a couple of minutes until it gets pale color.

Stop and add the sugar, cocoa powder and half of the flour. Blend it again until the dough is well mixed.

Stop and add the rest of the flour and blend the dough again for a couple of minutes. Place the dough in a bowl.

Apart beat the egg whites till stiff peaks are formed.

Slowly join the fluffy white eggs to the dough, using a spatula. At this stage we cannot beat the mix, but with delicate movements keep involving the white eggs with the dough, making sure the fluffy texture is kept and that we have a homogeneous mix.

Place small portions of the dough in cupcakes cases, filling it until 2/3; the cupcakes will grow even with no yeast and the size is gonna be just perfect!

Here you can learn how to make delicious gluten free cupcakes.


½ can of condensed milk (about 200ml)

The double measure of milk (about 400ml)

2 sifted egg yolks (to get rid of the strong egg smell, we recommend carefully remove the thin membrane which involves the yolk)

Cracked Walnuts

1 full teaspoon of butter


Add all the ingredients in a pan and under low-medium heat, keep stirring the mix with a wooden spoon until the cream gets a tick velvety texture.

Once the filling is cooled down, you can simply use a knife to do a use a piping bag with a filling nozzle so you can push it into the muffin center (be careful to do not break the muffin or reach its button).

Squeeze the bag firmly, but carefully, and automatically you will feel the bag being pushed back; so keep bringing the bag up until the top.


Use icing and decoration as you desire. Nowadays we can easily find ready icing in TescoMarks SpencerDecobakeFallon & Byrn shops and many others.


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