How to organize a Hen party at home

10 + 1 unique ideas for your hen night in

Hen party at home can be just as much, if not more, fun than a night out in city, crawling from pub to pub or clubbing all night long. There are loads of ideas to consider and with a bit of thinking outside the box, you can have a very fun and memorable time, not to mention your wallet might thank you!

Here are some ideas I hope you will find useful when thinking about having a hen party at home:

1. Decorations


Be creative! Go to 2 euro shop and buy a bag of balloons. Invest some money for a marker and print some invitations with the name of the bride.
It’s plenty of free templates out there to customize your pictures and invitations.

Or , you can just use some Word templates to send some invitations or moke press released:




You can Customize your t-shirt  shopping online or  just wear masks, to add a bit of mysterious!
The key point is customization!


2. Party food

party food

No, you don’t need to be a master chef! Just be creative and work with the presentation of the food.

For eg. Buy bread sticks and roll some ham around, or prepare some fruit skewers or ‘caprese’.
In other words, all you need: toothpick, cherry tomatoes, cherry mozzarella, olives. Pay attention to the colors.

Here you find some of my favorite party food recipes.
The idea is to share the skills, so if somebody is good in baking, another can just show how to make a good sandwich or improvise some tapas! It’s faster and simpler than what you think!


3. Cooking party: the naked chef


Here is my naughty and refined version of the previous point.
If you want to experience a taste of Italy and you are from Dublin, the naked chef is what you want to book.
You kill two birds with one stone: the bride will gain some culinaries skills before her wedding, and you will find something hot and spicy in the kitchen 🙂


4. Games

dare to do

It’s plenty of games you can play with your friends to celebrate your hen party, or why not, even an important birthday party.

Here you can find a list of funny and naughty games you can organize at the comfort of your place.
From MR and MRS quiz, to ‘Pin the hunk’. Don’t forget to involve the groom before the party, and bring along with you a smartphone.

With this app: the bride and groom record their answers by webcam (or smartphone), then you get a DVD and video link to play on the night.


4. Flowers


Don’t take for granted the effect of decorate the house with beautiful flowers.
If you are from Dublin go to Grafton street,  and grab a bunch of roses for only 5 euro.


5. Make up Masterclass

make up tutorial

Again, if there is an expert in the group, she can deliver a tutorial and teach the perfect makeup. Grab a smartphone and shoot a video while she is improving the skin of the bride. Then you can share the ‘before/after’ among you on a private group on Youtube or Facebook

6. Pajama party


If you have only your granny gown in your wardrobe, just go to  Pennyes /Primark and with approx. 10 euro, you can be very funny, or very sexy, or the combination of the two.

7. Book a butler in the buff

butler in the buff

You want to avoid the tacky stripper but as well you don’t want to spend the night playing Cluedo?
Why don’t you book a topless waiter, and let you and bride  being spoiled by him?
A cheeky butler in the buff can refill the glasses, entertain the group, get involved in your party games.
You can ask him to replace the poster of the pin the hunk game, so you need to find the courage to stick the pin on his body.

8. Karaoke Night


We all like to sing, right! We sing in the car, having a shower, on the LUAS, but the singing with your friends, with some glasses of prosecco and the excitement of a hen party, is quite different. Karaoke is an outcome in bars, restaurants, hotels, so why not organizing a Karaoke night in your place

Just go on Youtube, connect a Hi-Fi and borrow a projector! A good tip is to advise the neighbors few hours in advance, and bring some cookies as apologies 🙂

9. Amarcord time



Before Social media.

Let’s be nostalgic and recall school time! Bring some old odd pictures of the bride-to-be: polaroid, school yearbooks,

photos of the first communion or that fun trip at the secondary school. Search for the embarrassing ones, that awkward ex-boyfriend.

Here you a cool and free template to create your digital multimedia yearbook.

10. Build a book
Similar to the previous game. But add some nice touch, writing genuine phrases that the bride will share with her kids. Buy a scrapbook with removable pages, and mail a page to all of the bachelorette’s girlfriends. Ask everyone to decorate one side with photos of herself and/or the bride, funny quotes and memories, a letter, mementos of their friendship, etc. On the other side, have them write out their favorite recipe. Wrap it up and give it to her during the party.

Polaroid could be a great idea!

life drawing polaroid


+1. Survival Kit

survival kit

The most useful things to pop into your party bags that probably the bride and all the hens might need the next morning. Here is the ultimate list of survival items you might want to include: Bottle of water/lucozade/coke, Painkiller, Plasters, Chewing gum, Hair bobbins/pins.
You can buy online this cute and original cotton pouch bag:



Hangover remedy

hangover remedies

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