Hen Party Games: the definite guide

 Hen Party Games the definite guide

Our ideas for hen party games

Are you looking for an unforgettable hen party? Dublin is the perfect spot for an awesome time with your friends. Great people and entertainment spots are in plenty guaranteeing that you will not have one dull moment during the hen party weekend. We know Dublin and we know where to take you, what to show you, and what to organize for a mind blowing experience for you and your friends. Organizing fun and naughty hen party games are one we make sure that you and your friends stay entertained during your time in Dublin. We can organize the games at any of the favorite venues or at home. There are games for everyone in the group from timid Jane to wild Stephanie. Everyone will have a blast with our games.


Hen party games at home

hen party games at home

  • Story times

Everyone in the group writes down an embarrassing story about herself but does not mention any names in the story that would identify her. The stories are mixed in a bowl. Everyone picks a story and reads it out loud. The other hens must guess who the person is. Those who guess wrong must drink.

  • Embarrassing photos

Each hen will come with their most embarrassing photos taken together with the bride-to-be.  They are pinned up for everyone to see. The bride-to-be then identifies who brought the photo and the reason the photo was that bad. Or she can knock down shots.

  • Guess her age

Pin up baby photos of the bride-to-be and the groom that were taken at different ages. Ask people to guess who is who and what their age was when the photo was taken. The hen with the most correct guesses wins.

  • Who is it

This is where you have fun with a blindfold. Pick out one lucky hen and place her at the centre of a circle made by the other hens. Put a blindfold her and spin her 10 times. After being released she has to touch the nearest person and ask, ‘who is it?’ to which the other hen will answer. ‘It is me. Guess who?’ in an altered voice. The blindfolded hen must guess the answer right failure to which she is spun 3 more times and so on until she gets the answer right.

  • The Ex-charades

The group is divided into two. One group will put on charades pretending to be exes of the bride-to-be. The bride-to-be must identify each charade correctly with a certain ex and if she fails she drinks.

  • Banned words

The hen group can agree on words that are banned through the night. These could be ‘wedding’; ‘groom’ or even ‘sex’ The Bridezilla is one of the many variations you can have as punishment. Offenders can buy drinks too.

  • Bridezilla

Make the most hideous prop you can think of like a walrus moustache, a chicken hat or an ugly veil and tiara. The rules are that no one will mention the words ‘bride-to-be’, ‘groom’, or ‘wedding’ while the game is on. Anyone who mentions any of these words wears the hideous outfit or prop until the next person mentions one of the words.

  • Funny accents game

This is the perfect game for easing in strangers into the party. Take a deck of cards and write down an accent on each card. It can be Chinese, Italian, Nigerian or pretty much any other popular accent. Take another deck of cards and write some phrases to be spoken e.g. about friendship with the bride-to-be. Each hen must take an accent card and a phrase card then speak the phrases.

  • Gift game

This is the ideal game for making the bride-to-be feel appreciated. Everyone in the group brings along a gift that signifies something of the friendship between them and the bride-to-be. The bride-to-be has to guess who brought the gift and why.  There will be lots of reminiscing in this game.

  • Lingerie game

Every guest brings lingerie gifts for the bride-to-be. She has to guess correctly who bought the lingerie according to the fashion of the items. If she is wrong she drinks and if she is right, the person who brought the gift drinks. Only remember to set a price cap so that egos are not wounded.

  • DIY bridal dress

Form up the hens into three or two teams depending on the number. Give each group pins and a roll of toilet paper. Ask them to make the bride-to-be’s and best maid’s dresses. The best team gets lots of tequila shots.

  • Balloon questions

Take around 20 balloons and put embarrassing questions for the bride-to-be in each. Have the hens pop a balloon at intervals and pose to the bride-to-be. She will have to answer the question or knock down a shot.

  • Balloon pass

Split the group into two teams. Each team gets a long balloon which members will try to pass along their team line without using hands.  If the balloon drops or pops the team has to start over. You can combine this game with the balloon questions game for more fun.  This will be mad fun as fully grown women hop around with balloons between their legs.

  • Card bluff game

Take a deck of cards and share around. The aim of the game should be to get rid of the cards. The first hen to get rid of her cards has to lay down the last pair or single card and shout the card face e.g. ‘King of jacks’. This could be true or a bluff. If another hen decides she is lying, she will shout ‘bluff.’ The one who claimed a finish must then show the cards. If it was a bluff she is punished by taking a dare. If the accuser is wrong, she takes the extra cards on the table and a dare.

  • King’s cards

This is a game for hens that can hold their drinks. The group forms a ‘circle of death’ with a glass in the centre. Cards are distributed to the hens with each card representing a task the group must complete before the next hen shows her card. Card rules can for example be:

Card number 2 for ‘Make a Rule’ which means the hen who shows this card can make a rule like friends drink together.

Card number 7 for ‘Seventh heaven’ which means all players point towards the ceiling and the last hen to do so takes a drink.

Jack for ‘Jackass’ which means the hen that shows this card drinks when anyone else is forced to drink until another jack is shown.

King for ‘The drink of shame’ which means anyone showing a King pours some of her drink into the glass in the middle of the circle of death. The last hen to show a King downs the entire glass.


Naughty hen party games

naughty hen party games

  • Cucumber sandwich

Get hold of a cucumber with your legs and pass it on.  The drunk the group gets the harder it becomes to pass. Do this a few times during the night.

  • Naughty consequences

Each hen takes a piece of paper and writes down a short story with headlines Her name, His name, Where they had sex, What position, and Who caught them doing it. For wilder stories, remove the names and have anonymous stories.

  • Naughty mould

Bring out the creative side of the hens and have a laugh at their take on the phallus. Everyone takes playdoh and some cylindrical form like a cucumber. The moulding can be done individually or in a team.  The best shape takes the night. Ladies can get quite creative about the ‘stick.’  A longer variation of this is where you make a full form male model out of the playdoh. The best looking playdoh guy in the room gets the prize.

  • Strip hangman

This is the hangman game with a naughty twist.  Have a willing man present with his clothes on. Use the usual hangman rules but remember to use naughty words about sex in every phrase.  Every hen that gets the right word gets to remove a bit of clothing from the man. Hire a fireman if you can!

  • Marrying this guy?

Every man has an ugly photo taken when the guy was drunk silly or sleeping with his mouth wide open.  Look for the ugliest shot of the groom and have the bride-to-be hold it visibly. She has to show to show the picture to a stranger when issued with a command code word. The hen doing the code word buys a drink if the bride-to-be is unflustered at the embarrassment.

  • Naughty pass the parcel

This is like pass the parcel but with an intriguing naughty twist. The parcel is layered with naughty items like vibrators, condoms, dildos and other items that are to be found in sex shops.  Capture the moment each hen opens her parcel. There will be a lot of interesting discussions going around.

  • Naughty treasure hunt

Check out how naughty the hens can get by sending them out on a treasure hunt. Ask them to go find something in limited time. This could be something naught like worn men’s underwear, or a live man. Give them 15 minutes and see what they drag in.

  • Pass the vibrator

This is good for putting strangers in a naughty mood.  Get a vibrator and pass it around without using your hands.  Ask the vibrator to be passed around using the chins.  Get an interesting vibrator like the bad vybes vibrator.

  • Condom craze

This is not for the faint hearted hens. The goal is to try putting a condom on a dildo or the real thing without using hands.  The hens should use only the mouth for this contest. You can lower the lights and use glow condoms to put heart into the timid. The hen with the fastest sheathing time gets the prize plus lots of cheering.

  • Sex bingo

This is bingo with lots of sexy shouts instead of ‘bingo.’  Hens choose 6-9 numbers which are between the values of 1-50. This can be expanded depending on the size of the group. When the host shouts out a number, the hen with that number makes a noise like she is having sex or shouts a word used when having sex. When you are near your last number you shout ‘I am coming.’ When the host shouts the last number you shout ‘I’ve come!’ Expect a lot of surprising noises in this game.

  • I’ve never

Check out how wild or timid your hens are with these confessions. Everyone starts with the words ‘I’ve never….’  Choose a topic on sex and sex styles. Agree on a ‘punishment’ for something like never having done doggy style. The good thing is that the drunker they get, the more outrageous their wishes become.

  • Biscuit bite

How good are our hens with their mouths? Ask them to shape a biscuit into the shape of a schlong by taking bites out of it. The best shaped biscuit takes the prize.

  • The balloon hump

Have the hens work their waists. Take a pair and put a balloon between them such that they are squeezing the balloon between their pelvises. Ask them to burst the balloon by making humping movements. Interesting!

  • Marshmallow contest

You will need a few bags of marshmallows. The hens stuff their mouths with marshmallows then try say a chosen word or phrase like ‘sexy john’ without spitting the marshmallows.

Hen party games online

hen party games online

There are plenty of games online to try. There are tens of ideas to try out. There are also fabulous games you can improvise using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Some of the games can be played in a digital version.

For example, the embarrassing photos game can be played on Instagram with a few changes to the anonymity rules. You can also play the good old truth or dare by daring hens to tell their sordid online games else, they do something risqué online like joining a video chat room and entertaining  stranger.

We can make your hen night in Dublin one to remember for a long time to come. Contact s for fabulous hen party packages.






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