Hen Party Activities in Dublin that Don’t Involve Strippers

7 Great alternative if you are not into strippers

hen party activities that don't involve strippers in Dublin

The stripper at the hen party has become an ‘almost’ mandatory feature, much to the dismay of the more conservative hens in the party.  Plus most strippers are overrated anyway, and some can get horribly expensive. There are more fun ways to get ‘naughty’ fun other than having a strange sweaty crotch gyrating near you. What are some fun hen activities in Dublin that you can do without strippers?

The throwback kid

Inizia da

How about bringing back the kid in the hens? Rent a bouncing castle and other big kid’s toys. Some play doh will also come in handy plus body paint. Look up fun craft ideas you can do with these items, then kick-back and watch old kid shows on DVD.

Dancing classes

Dance classes in Dublin

You were to head out dancing anyway, so why not it does in a more memorable way. Hire a dance instructor for a few hours and sweet talk the DJ into playing salsa or some other exciting dance. The rudimentary dancing skills will also come in handy during the wedding reception.

yoga in Dublin


Who said that hen parties must always be rowdy raucous affairs? Some quiet introspection could be useful for the whole group and help the hen walk into her marriage with a fresh look at life. Hire a yoga instructor and start off the day with some sweat and stretching. Follow it up with a full body Thai massage and a session at the spa. Finish off with an hour of meditation.

Cards and Board games night

Cards and Board games night

There are tens of card games you can play in your living room or in the private lounge you hire. A grand tournament complete with prizes can last well into the night. There are card versions of truth or dare you can try out.

Girls about town

girls in town

Dublin is a pretty big city. Use the hen night to discover all those fun places that you have been itching to check out. Crawl the new restaurants and try out new ethnic dishes in at least 5 of them. Check out new pubs and end it with a trip to the mall for some fun shopping. A new scent for the bride will be very welcome.

Cooking lessons

cooking lesson

If you have some hours in the day, use them to polish up on cooking skills. You can follow one of the celebrity YouTube chefs, or better yet, you can hire one for a few days.

If you wish something more cheeky, then you can hire a naked chef! No pun intended.


bowling in Dublin

Bowling is a perfect way to spend time with friends having fun, food, drinks and plenty of juicy gossip.


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9 Problems you will find organizing a hen party


hen party challenge

Planning a hen party is a task that many people find very challenging. With all the organizing to be done and the people involved, it can be quite a hustle.  Below are some of the areas that drive most hen party organizers nuts.

  1. No response to emails

no emails

When organizing a hen party, one has to send emails to the guests for invitations, to ask for ideas and suggestions and talk about deposits. It’s easy for the organizer when people respond promptly, but delayed to failed responses can be difficult to handle. It paralyzes the planning when the people who are expected to support you fail to show any enthusiasm.

  1. Collecting the deposit

no deposit

Some guests can be stubborn when you start collecting the deposits. Some will ignore emails and others will fail to meet the agreed deadlines.

  1. Guests who don’t appreciate your ideas for the party

thumb down

After nights of hard work trying to find something fun and appropriate, you email the ideas to the guests all you get is negative responses.

  1. None of the guests have ideas to contribute

no ideas for hen parties

After rejecting your ideas, planning becomes more problematic when you send emails asking people for suggestions, and they tell you they have none.

  1. With several frustrated planning attempts, you start moaning and talking about others behind their backs.
     gossip friends criticizing another woman at home
  2. The rest feel that you are not doing well enough and they start talking about you too.
  3. As the back and forth continues, the wedding is drawing near. You rush to book a weekend getaway. The team still does not appreciate your effort.
  4. At this point, people start accusing you of ripping them off their money.People get divided as to whether or not the bride should pay. With the increased arguments, there is more talking behind each other’s backs. Tears are shed.
    ripping money for a hen party
  5. People come to the hen party with the exception of one or two flakes who have a habit of not showing up and don’t answer their phones when you try to inquire.


Plan in advance, set up a budget everybody agrees, ask advise to the bride

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How Despacito can improve your mood?

Despacito by Luis Fonsa featuring Daddy Yankee has got to be one of the biggest hits of 2017. The remix together with Justin Bieber just blew away the fans. The catchy and seductive lyrics in Spanish are spine tingling and makes bob your head or get dancing if you have space. It is a great love song as well as a party song for the good times.  It is definitely worth a place on your playlist. If you are feeling down, Despacito is the anti-dote. It is a great song for a hen party probably with a male dancer going through the moves with the lady of the night.

Dancing mood

This is one party banger for a hen party. The catchy tune and bouncy beats are just what you need to get a party going.  If you understand Spanish, the singer is certainly inviting you to lead the way and set the mood of the party. Sample these lyrics:

Yes, you know that I’ve been looking you for a while,

I have to dance with you today DY,

Show me the way, I will follow (Oh!)….

Hotly seductive

The lyrics are just what you need to get your crush in the mood. Sample this:

I want to breathe onto your neck slowly,

I want to kiss you ‘til you’re naked slowly,

And make of your body a manuscript (rise, rise, rise)….

Sexy games

sensual dance

If you are having a hen party,  use Despacito for a sexy game.  Acting out the lyrics will bring out the wild side of the girls. You can have the ladies taking turns playing the seductive singer. See these wild lyrics:

Let’s start slowly, then wildly,

We came closer, slowly and slowly,

When you kiss me with that skill

Latino dance

latino dance

For the ladies who enjoy Latino dance, Despacito has that quick step tempo to dance along with salsa.  For the raggatone fans it will have you daggering away in no time. It is a great tune for everyone in the party.



For the hen party everyone is invited to sing out their horse off-key voices. Have the girls try out their 15 minutes of fame with the fast lyrics of Despacito. It will be fun listening to the ladies stumbling through the Spanish lyrics. You could make it simple by going through the remix with Justin Beiber.

Deejaying games

girl deejay

How good are the ladies at deejaying? Set a prize for deejaying and remixing Despacito and have everyone try. It will be a laugh seeing the hapless ladies scratch out this great song.


Despacito theme dance classes

Dance classes could be a fun way when it comes to hen party ideas in Dublin

If you would like to book a dance class, why don’t you just drop an email?

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How to draw a nude in 10 steps

A nude life drawing can be a creative, fun and interesting way to spend your afternoon.

how to draw a nude

Capturing the beauty of the human body for art makes for an excellent picture subject and theme. This short article will show you the essentials to draw great, tasteful portrait of a nude, from finding models, to posing, composition, and lighting.

  1. Find a model

You don’t need to find a professional model, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Once you find a model, be very clear about what you wish to draw, so there will be no misunderstanding during the drawing session.

nude model

  1. Choose a location

Choose a large room in your house or hire a studio (according to your budget). Even a private yard could be of use.

do it home


  1. Deliver your vision

First of all, collect all the materials you need in advance, from the pencils to the props you intend to use. Which will be used for the model’s backdrop, other props used for example will be pictures, furniture, accessories etc…

drawing material

  1. Plan the session

Find an inspiring soundtrack to play through the session to obtain the best results. Try to jot down a quick schedule. This will make you feel more at ease and the model will feel more relaxed knowing what to expect.


  1. Make the model feel welcome

Don’t forget to be friendly and provide the model with a private space where he can undress comfortably.

model comfortable

  1. Heating devices

Goosebumps are not sexy! Be sure there is an adequate source of heat in the room so the model will be able to pose without any worry.

 hot environment for your model

  1. Play with the lights

Try to play with the lights to accentuate the natural beauty of the model. You can light everything evenly so you’ll be able to draw even the smallest details or you can use a softer light to capture the curves of the muscles.

drammatic lights

  1. Express your creativity

Collaborate with the model, don’t be afraid to give instructions. Create a dynamic movement by having your model twist his shoulders off-axis from his hips. Take example from the great work of ancient Rome. Find your own style.

nude drawing party home

  1. Use different material

Don’t limit yourself to a black and white drawing using a pencil, You can always switch to charcoal, colors, white pencil on a black background… the possibilities are endless.


  1. Have Fun with your nude model!

    have fun with your model

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Top 10 Hen Party Destinations Abroad

Since we are the experts on Irish hen parties, we thought we would ask Mike the MD of Freedom, based in London, for his thoughts on the top 10 hen party destinations away from Ireland. We trust in his knowledge of all things hen weekends as he’s the founder of the first ever hen party planning business in 1996.

We were keen to hear why they are proving popular with the girls and here we share his opinions with you:




Welcome to the world of tartan, haggis and och aye tha noo. High on the popularity stakes due to its seriously huge options for drinking and dining. It’s easy to travel to our Scottish cousins for a
hen party in Edinburgh




Effortlessly combines all the bonuses of the coastal resort with big city vibe. Sun, sand and sangria make a
Barcelona hen weekend  a favoured choice.




Our capital city beats the world, biased yes, but a London hen party as the lot… fact.




Cheap drinks, non-stop party atmosphere, sunshine and clubs all help to put a Benidorm hen weekend  as a universally popular resort to visit.




Away the lasses, it’s a reet party toon. Those Geordies sure know how to party and absolutely love  Newcastle hen weekends to party alongside them.




A destination that is easy on the eye as well as the pocket, and really shows    Budapest hen weekends a good time with a thriving nightlife that goes on until well past sunrise… party into tomorrow




For a lorra lorra laughs, Beatle mania, Ferry across the Mersey and so much more. This city is actually now bursting at the seams with new bars, clubs and restaurants, Liverpool hen nights so are completely spoilt for choice… what a great position to be in!



Playground to the rich and famous, home from home for the cast of TOWIE and a Marbella hen weekend  is a fashionable choice right now. So no Carbs before Marbs.




Often described as London by the sea, this is a fun loving town with a bohemian spirit. The iconic Brighton Pier with its amusement arcades and the famous funfair is a must for any Brighton hen weekend




Czech out Prague, awaiting your arrival are delightful cobblestone streets, fairytale castles, boutique shops and a bounty of cocktail bars. The next glass of prosecco/wine/cocktail is a short high heel totter away on a Prague hen weekend

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“Different cocktails for different Saturday nights.”
― Drew Barrymore

the 7 sexiest cocktails in DUblin


Boozes and  hen parties are an evergreen combination

Dublin is one of the most popular destinations to celebrate your last night of freedom. Despite the Celtic Capital being famous for its pubs and beers, the city is not all about the pint. We’ve selected the most delicious and sexiest cocktails for you to sip on while celebrating your hen party or just having a weekend break in Dublin.

1. The Blindpig

Secretly tucked away in Dublin’s city centre, there is an underground cocktail bar known for the quality and artistry of its cocktails that truly evoke the mood of a 1920s speakeasy — The Blind Pig. This Underground Cocktail Bar & Restaurant will turn on every cocktail lover’s taste buds. Experience the forgotten thrill of secret passwords, false storefronts and just a touch of lawlessness. You’d better keep it a secret. So shush!


Cocktail: Maidens Blush

Maidens Blush

Maidens Blush : circa 1900. Old Tom gin, shaken with raspberry syrup, fresh lemon juice, and an Absinthe mist, served in a china tea cup.
Shake all the ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.


2. Urchin (St. Green)

Urchin is a newly-opened bar located at Cliff Townhouse. It serves some of the best cocktails in Dublin. It has a long list of cocktails, some of which will leave a lasting impression on you and the other members of your hen party. This list includes the following: • Skyscraper • Yuzasia • Mango Smash • Old Rumble


We loved the Mango Smash

Mango Smash cocktail

Slices of mango, chopped plus more for garnish, lemon, mint leaves plus more for garnish, ounces simple syrup, ounces whiskey

In a cocktail shaker, mix the mango, lemon, mint leaves, and simple syrup until the mango is broken up. Add whiskey, ice, and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Strain into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with one slice of mango and more mint leaves. Serve immediately.


3. No name

The Bar with No Name is located along No. 3 Fade Street, Dublin 2. It’s the ideal chill-out spot to hang out with your with your posse

and slurp up one of the best drinks you’ll find in Dublin. Here you’ll find an impressive selection of cocktails, but our favourite is..

…the Dark & Stormy


Dark & Stormy cocktail

Rum, ginger beer, and lime juice

Combine the rum, ginger beer and the lime juice in a tall glass full of ice cubes.


4. Capitol

Capitol stocks some exceptional cocktails. These include Woo-Woo, Capitol Mojito, Mimosa, and Melon Ball, among others. It has divided the cocktails into different categories, which are Frozen Cocktails, House Cocktails, Premium Cocktails and Capitol Shots. We tasted the French 75, a champagne-based cocktail, and we fell in love immediately.

French 75 cocktail

Gin, Lemon juice, sugar syrup, champagne

Add gin, lemon juice, and syrup to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into an empty glass. Top up with champagne. Garnish with lemon peel.

5. Vintage Cocktail Club

Vintage Cocktail Club is the place to go to for all your cocktail needs; it has a particularly impressive cocktail menu, providing an exclusive cocktail experience right in the centre of the wonder that is  Dublin city. Apart from cocktails, the club’s menu features A La Carte and Brunch, among others. On the open-yet-cozy terrace roof, where you can enjoy a stunning view of Dublin, we tried the rich and exclusive La Feeeee..ling good


Feeling good cocktail
Fee Parisian, Apricot, cherry liqueur, carrot, apple juice, citrus
La Fee Parisian, apricot and cherry liqueur, fresh carrot and apple juice, fresh citrus, with an apple and cherry garnish

6. Bowlane

Bow Lane is a late night cocktail bar that appeals to a cross-section of Dublin society from the gritty underclass of sophisticates to creatives and the party set. Bow Lane has areas that satisfy a want for exclusivity and other areas that create a space for typical Dublin social intercourse. Quality cocktails, craft and classic beers, and of course spirits complement the modern Irish dishes at the bar and in the restaurant. Among their sophisticated cocktails, we tasted the Bow Lane Boomerang


boomerang cocktail

Absolut vodka, kahlua, mozart dark chocolate liquer, double shot of espresso, sugar syrup, shaken & strained into a coupette glass finished w/ a white chocolate & orange foam.

The Recipe is a secret of the bar and we now understand why they called it the Boomerang: we went back for the same cocktail, not once but twice!

7. The Liquor Rooms

Located on the easy-to-get-to Wellington Quay along the Liffey, The liquor rooms is a quirky alternative venue in the centre of Dublin which hosts art events and performances: Burlesque gigs, live DJs, poetry reading and may other artsy attractions. With an array of housemade tinctures and mixes, the finest quality spirits and ingenious methods, the theater of the cocktail explodes into life at The Liquor Rooms. From cocktails to craft beers and wine to whiskey tastings, they provide a selection that would satisfy the most demanding of connoisseurs. We sampled the oh-so-elegant cocktail called Madame

madame cocktail

Olmeca Altos Blanco Tequila, Hibiscus & Strawberry Syrup, Lemon, Whites, Cherry Tonic.

In a shaker, add jam, gin or vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, and several ice cubes. Shake briskly, then strain into a rocks glass half-filled with crushed ice. Float a spoonful of jam on top of the ice, and gradually stir it to taste.


Sexy cocktails, fascinating venues, and elegant bars: so many options in Dublin that one is spoilt for choice. And if you want to learn more about mixing the perfect cocktails, the art of mixology would be the perfect activity to celebrate an anniversary, birthday party or hen party

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Hen Party Games: the definite guide

 Hen Party Games the definite guide

Our ideas for hen party games

Are you looking for an unforgettable hen party? Dublin is the perfect spot for an awesome time with your friends. Great people and entertainment spots are in plenty guaranteeing that you will not have one dull moment during the hen party weekend. We know Dublin and we know where to take you, what to show you, and what to organize for a mind blowing experience for you and your friends. Organizing fun and naughty hen party games are one we make sure that you and your friends stay entertained during your time in Dublin. We can organize the games at any of the favorite venues or at home. There are games for everyone in the group from timid Jane to wild Stephanie. Everyone will have a blast with our games.


Hen party games at home

hen party games at home

  • Story times

Everyone in the group writes down an embarrassing story about herself but does not mention any names in the story that would identify her. The stories are mixed in a bowl. Everyone picks a story and reads it out loud. The other hens must guess who the person is. Those who guess wrong must drink.

  • Embarrassing photos

Each hen will come with their most embarrassing photos taken together with the bride-to-be.  They are pinned up for everyone to see. The bride-to-be then identifies who brought the photo and the reason the photo was that bad. Or she can knock down shots.

  • Guess her age

Pin up baby photos of the bride-to-be and the groom that were taken at different ages. Ask people to guess who is who and what their age was when the photo was taken. The hen with the most correct guesses wins.

  • Who is it

This is where you have fun with a blindfold. Pick out one lucky hen and place her at the centre of a circle made by the other hens. Put a blindfold her and spin her 10 times. After being released she has to touch the nearest person and ask, ‘who is it?’ to which the other hen will answer. ‘It is me. Guess who?’ in an altered voice. The blindfolded hen must guess the answer right failure to which she is spun 3 more times and so on until she gets the answer right.

  • The Ex-charades

The group is divided into two. One group will put on charades pretending to be exes of the bride-to-be. The bride-to-be must identify each charade correctly with a certain ex and if she fails she drinks.

  • Banned words

The hen group can agree on words that are banned through the night. These could be ‘wedding’; ‘groom’ or even ‘sex’ The Bridezilla is one of the many variations you can have as punishment. Offenders can buy drinks too.

  • Bridezilla

Make the most hideous prop you can think of like a walrus moustache, a chicken hat or an ugly veil and tiara. The rules are that no one will mention the words ‘bride-to-be’, ‘groom’, or ‘wedding’ while the game is on. Anyone who mentions any of these words wears the hideous outfit or prop until the next person mentions one of the words.

  • Funny accents game

This is the perfect game for easing in strangers into the party. Take a deck of cards and write down an accent on each card. It can be Chinese, Italian, Nigerian or pretty much any other popular accent. Take another deck of cards and write some phrases to be spoken e.g. about friendship with the bride-to-be. Each hen must take an accent card and a phrase card then speak the phrases.

  • Gift game

This is the ideal game for making the bride-to-be feel appreciated. Everyone in the group brings along a gift that signifies something of the friendship between them and the bride-to-be. The bride-to-be has to guess who brought the gift and why.  There will be lots of reminiscing in this game.

  • Lingerie game

Every guest brings lingerie gifts for the bride-to-be. She has to guess correctly who bought the lingerie according to the fashion of the items. If she is wrong she drinks and if she is right, the person who brought the gift drinks. Only remember to set a price cap so that egos are not wounded.

  • DIY bridal dress

Form up the hens into three or two teams depending on the number. Give each group pins and a roll of toilet paper. Ask them to make the bride-to-be’s and best maid’s dresses. The best team gets lots of tequila shots.

  • Balloon questions

Take around 20 balloons and put embarrassing questions for the bride-to-be in each. Have the hens pop a balloon at intervals and pose to the bride-to-be. She will have to answer the question or knock down a shot.

  • Balloon pass

Split the group into two teams. Each team gets a long balloon which members will try to pass along their team line without using hands.  If the balloon drops or pops the team has to start over. You can combine this game with the balloon questions game for more fun.  This will be mad fun as fully grown women hop around with balloons between their legs.

  • Card bluff game

Take a deck of cards and share around. The aim of the game should be to get rid of the cards. The first hen to get rid of her cards has to lay down the last pair or single card and shout the card face e.g. ‘King of jacks’. This could be true or a bluff. If another hen decides she is lying, she will shout ‘bluff.’ The one who claimed a finish must then show the cards. If it was a bluff she is punished by taking a dare. If the accuser is wrong, she takes the extra cards on the table and a dare.

  • King’s cards

This is a game for hens that can hold their drinks. The group forms a ‘circle of death’ with a glass in the centre. Cards are distributed to the hens with each card representing a task the group must complete before the next hen shows her card. Card rules can for example be:

Card number 2 for ‘Make a Rule’ which means the hen who shows this card can make a rule like friends drink together.

Card number 7 for ‘Seventh heaven’ which means all players point towards the ceiling and the last hen to do so takes a drink.

Jack for ‘Jackass’ which means the hen that shows this card drinks when anyone else is forced to drink until another jack is shown.

King for ‘The drink of shame’ which means anyone showing a King pours some of her drink into the glass in the middle of the circle of death. The last hen to show a King downs the entire glass.


Naughty hen party games

naughty hen party games

  • Cucumber sandwich

Get hold of a cucumber with your legs and pass it on.  The drunk the group gets the harder it becomes to pass. Do this a few times during the night.

  • Naughty consequences

Each hen takes a piece of paper and writes down a short story with headlines Her name, His name, Where they had sex, What position, and Who caught them doing it. For wilder stories, remove the names and have anonymous stories.

  • Naughty mould

Bring out the creative side of the hens and have a laugh at their take on the phallus. Everyone takes playdoh and some cylindrical form like a cucumber. The moulding can be done individually or in a team.  The best shape takes the night. Ladies can get quite creative about the ‘stick.’  A longer variation of this is where you make a full form male model out of the playdoh. The best looking playdoh guy in the room gets the prize.

  • Strip hangman

This is the hangman game with a naughty twist.  Have a willing man present with his clothes on. Use the usual hangman rules but remember to use naughty words about sex in every phrase.  Every hen that gets the right word gets to remove a bit of clothing from the man. Hire a fireman if you can!

  • Marrying this guy?

Every man has an ugly photo taken when the guy was drunk silly or sleeping with his mouth wide open.  Look for the ugliest shot of the groom and have the bride-to-be hold it visibly. She has to show to show the picture to a stranger when issued with a command code word. The hen doing the code word buys a drink if the bride-to-be is unflustered at the embarrassment.

  • Naughty pass the parcel

This is like pass the parcel but with an intriguing naughty twist. The parcel is layered with naughty items like vibrators, condoms, dildos and other items that are to be found in sex shops.  Capture the moment each hen opens her parcel. There will be a lot of interesting discussions going around.

  • Naughty treasure hunt

Check out how naughty the hens can get by sending them out on a treasure hunt. Ask them to go find something in limited time. This could be something naught like worn men’s underwear, or a live man. Give them 15 minutes and see what they drag in.

  • Pass the vibrator

This is good for putting strangers in a naughty mood.  Get a vibrator and pass it around without using your hands.  Ask the vibrator to be passed around using the chins.  Get an interesting vibrator like the bad vybes vibrator.

  • Condom craze

This is not for the faint hearted hens. The goal is to try putting a condom on a dildo or the real thing without using hands.  The hens should use only the mouth for this contest. You can lower the lights and use glow condoms to put heart into the timid. The hen with the fastest sheathing time gets the prize plus lots of cheering.

  • Sex bingo

This is bingo with lots of sexy shouts instead of ‘bingo.’  Hens choose 6-9 numbers which are between the values of 1-50. This can be expanded depending on the size of the group. When the host shouts out a number, the hen with that number makes a noise like she is having sex or shouts a word used when having sex. When you are near your last number you shout ‘I am coming.’ When the host shouts the last number you shout ‘I’ve come!’ Expect a lot of surprising noises in this game.

  • I’ve never

Check out how wild or timid your hens are with these confessions. Everyone starts with the words ‘I’ve never….’  Choose a topic on sex and sex styles. Agree on a ‘punishment’ for something like never having done doggy style. The good thing is that the drunker they get, the more outrageous their wishes become.

  • Biscuit bite

How good are our hens with their mouths? Ask them to shape a biscuit into the shape of a schlong by taking bites out of it. The best shaped biscuit takes the prize.

  • The balloon hump

Have the hens work their waists. Take a pair and put a balloon between them such that they are squeezing the balloon between their pelvises. Ask them to burst the balloon by making humping movements. Interesting!

  • Marshmallow contest

You will need a few bags of marshmallows. The hens stuff their mouths with marshmallows then try say a chosen word or phrase like ‘sexy john’ without spitting the marshmallows.

Hen party games online

hen party games online

There are plenty of games online to try. There are tens of ideas to try out. There are also fabulous games you can improvise using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Some of the games can be played in a digital version.

For example, the embarrassing photos game can be played on Instagram with a few changes to the anonymity rules. You can also play the good old truth or dare by daring hens to tell their sordid online games else, they do something risqué online like joining a video chat room and entertaining  stranger.

We can make your hen night in Dublin one to remember for a long time to come. Contact s for fabulous hen party packages.






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How Many Calories You Can Lose with Our Hen Party Activities

Not so long ago, hen parties were simple and little get-togethers that you could do even on the night before your wedding. Doing that today is just insane. Today’s hen parties are complex cocktail of activities guaranteed to make you feel weary the next do, so much so that you have to go home and sleep. Take the typical hen party. The girls plan an elaborate and eventful night out. Drinks come in the bottles, all of the dancers want their turn with the bride, and you’ll probably be going to the club in the wee hours of the morning. How can you say your vows with fresh whiskey breathe?

calories lost hen party

Not only fun: burning tons of calories

However, that’s just one of the many ways you can do your hen party. There are other ways you can have fun at the hen party, and even wake up the next morning ready to exchange your vows with the love of life.  In fact, we organize hen party activities in Dublin that are not only fun, but they help you burn tons of calories. Don’t you believe it? Carry your calories counter, and watch the calories drop with the following hen party entertainment roster. You might even be able to squeeze into a smaller bridal gown after one of our hen parties.


60 Minutes of 80’s Dance

80's dance

People in the 80s hardly had problems with their weight, all thanks to disco. Bursting those 80s disco moves burns through the calories as a hot knife on butter. Our 60 minutes of 80s dance-a-thon goes through 327 calories, the same amount you’d shed off after a workout at the gym.


Burlesque Class

burlesque class


While we won’t force you to perform a striptease during your hen party, we can teach you a thing or two about burlesque. It’ll come in handy during your honeymoon, trust us. As an added advantage, you get to lose as many as 305 calories after our burlesque class.


Use this free tool to count how many calories you burn

Pole Dance

pole dance classes

If you are feeling a bit adventurous and you want something lacier than 80s dance, you can try your hands, and body, at pole dancing. You’ll need a firm grip, though, pole dancing is not as easy as they make it seem on the tube. In fact, a single pole dance goes through 544 calories.


Nude Body Painting

nude body painting

Since we are being a bit cheeky, we have an excellent nude body painting program our hen party organizer can throw in if you want.  We won’t force you to paint your bridesmaid or something like that, but we’ll bring in a couple of artists to cover you with any color you desire. Afterward, you’ll have lost about 175 calories.


Cooking Class


It’s hard to imagine cooking can help you shed off those extra calories, right? Well, it does, even if you are whipping up a juicy side of stake with some mashed potatoes, you’ll still lose 180 calories. That’s because cooking is a demanding activity that consumes a lot of energy, ergo, lots of calories.


Calculate how many calories you need per day

Get this Calculator

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Mobile cocktail class and topless waiter hen party package

Are you going to celebrate your hen party in Ireland?

The hen party is one of the many great occasions when you get to have fun with your companion. It is not just having a good time but exploring your naughty side. The naughty streak makes the hen party worth remembering.


The party would not be anything much if you did not have a well-prepared cocktail il along with a butler at hand to serve your entire party as you need.

If this is what you are looking for, welcome to our Mobile Cocktail Class and Topless waiter hen party package.

We cater Dublin and even Nationwide.  This will make it a thrilling moment worth a comeback feelings.


Let us take care of your hen party weekend 



Are you out of hen party ideas for your upcoming hen party weekend? Have you rented a house in Dublin or the countryside, or
are you availing of your best friend’s place? Do not let the stress pin you down. You don’t need even to step out, we come to your place.
With our new mobile cocktail class package, you can keep your fellow girls entertained, laughing, and naughty all night.
We will handle all the finer details of your party so that you will have a relaxing and enjoyable time from the word go.

The Cocktail class


It is a great timer for you and the fellow to learn some cocktail making skills. We have an experienced and a professional barman and sassy topless waiter that you will take you through processes of preparing a perfect cocktail. All your girls will have a chance to try their hands on different cocktails at the party. The waiter will also spur the hens into some naughty mood along with laugh, dance and some great music

Topless waiter


We have an experienced butler in the buff to ensure that you and your girls do not run out of drinks.

All you have to do is to make an order and he will be on hand to fill the glass


Fun, fun, fun


There is no limit to what you can do for your hens’ party. It is the only moment in your lifetime when you can have no-strings-attached fun all night long. Note that security while on the party is tight just for you to have an exceptional experience in your hen do. When tired and done with your night events you can enjoy our world-class apartments well served by professional.

We can help in other parties  

It does not have to be the hen’s party alon; you can take the package for many of the other parties and celebrations in Ireland that include bridal showers, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, graduation parties and divorce parties among others.

We are the perfect choice when it comes to quality service at affordable rates. You can rely on us to keep your friends on their feet all night or day long.

For time conveniences, just book our service through our contact




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Hen Party Taboos you Should Break

Looking forward to having an awesome hen party?

You probably have some wild hen party ideas, but you are afraid that some are too wild. The hen party is that one day when you should not hold back. You will never have another one.  It is a day to break taboos and traditions.

hen party taboo you should brake

Do it at home

A hen party at home would not be many people’s idea of a great party. It is an option to explore.

You don’t have to pay for the venue; you can do whatever you want and be as wild as you want

without fearing that you will wake up in a cell.



Do it in the day

It is an unwritten rule that a hen party should be done at night. You can break this rule and do it in the day. You can talk to a hen party organizer to have a wider range of activities. Having a day hen party will allow more people to attend even your mom friends.


Invite men

Men at a hen party are unheard of except for the stripper. Indeed, that is why it is called a hen party. But think of the games you can play with the men around. Your party’s wildness index will go up by a high percentage when there are some males around.


Invite a pastor

If you are more inclined to a quieter hen party, consider having a man of God grace the event. The man of God can throw in a word or two on how to go forward in your coming union. Your hen party organizer can plan for a church theme party. Who said godly people are not entitled to some fun?

invite a pastor

Have a female stripper

You can have some fun ogling at another girl get naughty. There is a thing or two to be learned in the sensuous art of the female stripper.  A good hen party the idea is to have a pair of a female stripper and male stripper doing their thing. This would turn the heat up and bring out the naughtier side of the girls.


Make it a week long

Instead of the usual one night of partying, make it a week long. You are having a once in a lifetime event so make the most out of it. With a good hen party organizer, it is possible to have a week full of fun activities.  Go for a long road trip and see places you never had a chance to see.

make it a week long

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