Dublin is,  no doubt,  a place of enjoyment and special occasions. It has become one of the most famous destinations in Europe to celebrate Hen Party Nights, thanks to a varied number of things on offer in the Celtic Capital.
Every tour and travel operator has several proposals, giving the girls a great opportunity to choose a party bus tour in Dublin as an original idea to celebrate their hen party.
Have a look at the most fun and intriguing tours offered in Dublin.


Vintage tour


The Vintage tea party bus tour is the all sophisticated bus tour which takes you to different places of importance in Dublin.
A two hours journey with exotic tea, freshly baked pastries and finger chips make a great outing if you want to see
the city and enjoy with your friends during the day. The tickets are economical and vary between 40-50 Euros.


Ghost bus


For all those who want to add a unique taste and excitement to their hen party tour, Ghost bus is really an awesome idea.
The 4D experience will scare you all the way, and the places where the bus stops for excursion are also known
to be some of the scariest ones.


Viking Splash

viking splash

That’s a must do if you are spending your weekend in Dublin. You can’t miss the Viking Splash trip.
The Viking Splash tour is a land and water trip in a World War II amphibious vehicle around the city’s famous
monuments and places. Here you will get to wear a Viking Hat and enjoy the splashy tour in the city.



disco bus

Several options in the Capital. Travel through the city in a really unusual manner in a party-bus exclusively designed for hen parties.
Here you get live music, drinks, disco lights and much more at one place. You can dance, drink, enjoy and travel through the city all at the same time. It is one of the most sought after hen party ideas in Dublin. Give yourself once in a lifetime chance to enjoy your hen party with your friends in Discobus.


Pedi bus


Enjoy the open pedibus ride along the streets of Dublin with a drink in your hand. The Pedibus is an excellent way
to explore the city with your group of ladies, keeping fitted and burning calories along the way.
Here you can party, chat, sing, dance and of course explore the city in a new fashion.
The pedibus has a customized bar with a variety of drinks and juices to keep your throat cool and ready to cheer.


1916 revolution

1916 bus

The 1916 Ride The Revolution is an enthralling experience in which the whole bus is customized to give you a feel of the past.
The professional actors guide you through the city in their very own style which will make you go Wow!




We know, it’s not the time yet! But the Wedding Bus is not exclusively for the Weddings albeit for Hen Parties as well.
These buses are specially decorated and designed to impress the ladies and give them full access to the enjoyment and partying.

All these bus tours are unique, and you get a new experience every time you board a new themed bus. So go ahead and book your bus tour in Dublin and enjoy the Hen Party in a whole new style.

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Top destinations in Ireland for hen party

Ireland is one of the European hot destination to celebrate the last night of freedom, whatever you want to call:
hen party, bachelorette party or bridal shower. 

From Dublin to Carrick-on-Shannon, we selected the best location where you can spend a great hen do weekend.

top destination for hen party in ireland Infographic

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7 hen do that will make you sweat in Dublin

Hot hen party nights in Dublin

“When the short days of winter came, dusk fell before we had well eaten our dinners. When we met in the street the houses had grown sombre. The space of sky above us was the colour of ever-changing violet and towards it the lamps of the street lifted their feeble lanterns. The cold air stung us and we played till our bodies glowed. Our shouts echoed in the silent street.” 
― James JoyceDubliners

hen party nights


Dublin is not certainly famous for its warm weather, but it’s no doubt one of the hottest cities to host your Hen Party in Europe.
To help you out to get in the Dubliner hot track, we have selected 7 quirky and fun activities that will make you experience the wild climate in the Celtic capital and it will defo make you sweat!

Find here some great ideas to celebrate your hen party nights in an original way.

  1. Pedi bus

pedi bus Dublin

Pedi bus is an innovative and a great way to move around the city and party around on the go. It is an open automobile with a seating capacity of around 16 people with a u-shaped bar on the vehicle itself to serve you the drinks and refreshments. It gives the group an opportunity to get along nicely and enjoy the moments. The experienced driver guide makes the journey an easy and entertaining one.


  1. Climbing indoor

indoor climbing

For all those who love outdoor and adventure sports, bouldering is a great option. It will not only make you sweat but sweat in the right way. The indoor bouldering facility needs no specific training and has no age limit. Women too are finding the sport very entertaining and a positive one. Go ahead and have a session of indoor climbing with your group and make way for a very new type of hen party.


  1. Hot Yoga Dublin

hot yoga Dublin

Hot Yoga is the latest addition to the various subdivisions of yoga. Here, specially treated hypo-allergic heated oxygenated fresh air is pumped in the studio where people practise yoga. It not only makes you feel fresh but also cleanses your mind of stress and strain. It is a whole new experience and would be fun to try out hot yoga with your group and relax in a new and different way.


  1. Turkish Bath

turkish bath

Want to sweat in sauna and get wet in a Jacuzzi or want to take a Turkish massage? Yes, it obviously appears to be fun to go and experience a hot sauna with the hen party group. It can be slated as the start of your hen party nights before you actually head for other fun activities in Dublin. The place also offers holistic Turkish massage to unravel your body to enjoy your hen party night.

  1. Irish Ballons

irish baloons

Why not try something new when in Dublin. It would make you sweat in anticipation of looking at the city in a whole different way i.e. from the bird’s eye view. Irish balloon rides are safe and have an impeccable safety record. So go ahead and start your hen party with the fun activities in Dublin with your hen party group and become the talk of the season to have hosted a balloon ride for your group during your hen party.

  1. Fire restaurant


Fire restaurant is all the women would love to have for their hen party nights. It is an upscale restaurant with both private and semi-private arrangements and has special provisions for hen party nights. The chefs here are incredibly talented, and it is the best place where the ladies can have the delicious Irish cuisines. Wine and champagne flow in the bar and the lounge allows the ladies to get drunk and enjoy their hen parties without any concerns.

  1. Naked chef

naked chef

The Naked Chef has become a very sought after addition to the hen party nights off late. The chef cooks the food for the group in front of them at the ladies’ apartment or a place rented by the group. The naked chef is very talented in cooking Italian food. The main attraction of the naked chef is that he cooks wearing only a cheeky apron, giving the ladies a view of his chiselled body. This new feature adds steam to the environment and makes the women sweat in anticipation.


If you want to add a new experience for your hen party night, then go ahead and choose any or all of the suggestions and make your hen party night the most memorable one. You can also find much other information on venues and other hen party themes on our website.
Do check out some of those and make your hen party night a memorable one.

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Things to do in Dublin

Not necessarily for a hen party

things to do in Dublin

Dublin is home to all the fun and adventure you would otherwise miss in London. It is a great place for partygoers.
If you plan your hen party night and other activities in Dublin or just want to unwind from your daily routine, Dublin is the right place for you. The Celtic Capital has a lot to offer to its guests. Bachelorette parties have evolved, and the hen parties have taken their place. Earlier, the bachelorette parties were known for the display of hidden carnal desires and feelings, getting drunk and doing anything on the last night of freedom. However, these parties have evolved and women adopt a theme which they could not do but would like to do before their marriage.

Let us find out various ways to spend your weekend or celebrate the hen party night in Dublin, Ireland.


Guinness Storehouse

things to do in Dublin 2

If you are a booze freak and love Irish Ale, Guinness Storehouse would be your best option in Dublin to celebrate your hen party night. Here you can learn about the various brewing techniques and taste the flavours of the traditional drinks. Yeah, you will never run out of spirit here.

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

things to do in Dublin 3things to do in Dublin 3

For all the visitors in Dublin, Kilmainham Gaol is a place to relive the past, albeit for a small time. It was the prison during the Anglo-Irish war and hundreds of prisoners were kept Even some of the Irish Crusaders were executed here as per the orders

Phoenix Park

things to do in Dublin 4

Phoenix Park is the largest man-made recreational park in all over the Europe. It is open 24 hours a day and all seven days of the week. The entry is free, and you also get to see the beautiful deer galloping around the park. It’s serene and calm environment is free from the city buzz and makes for a great place to visit on a weekend.

Dublin Zoo

things to do in Dublin 5

To complement your hen party night before you become a party animal, you can visit the Dublin Zoo. The zoo houses a number of exotic animals away from the wilderness giving the people an opportunity to see them within the city premises. There animals, reptiles, birds and amphibians to entertain you.

Dublin Castle

things to do in Dublin 6

The 900-year-old castle is a paramount seat of power in Ireland. It was the power centre of the Irish Kings, then transferred to the UK’s representative Government in Ireland and then handed over to the elected Irish Government. The nostalgic atmosphere is ideal for those who spend a weekend admiring the past and history.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

things to do in dublin 7

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, also known as The National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin, was founded in 1191 and remains the largest church in all of Ireland. It is a massive stone structure beautifully maintained by the authorities. The place is calm and serene and would give you a great environment to spend few minutes in peace and silence.

Boat Trips

things to do in Dublin 8

The boat trips are a great way of celebrating your hen party night. The boat trips hen parties are gaining popularity among the youth, and the women find it extremely romantic to enjoy their last day of freedom on the fluidic floor. The boats can be hired beside the O’Connell Bridge and would show you the beautiful Dublin sights.

Dinner Cruise

things to do in Dublin 9

For the ladies who love partying on cruise ships, the Grand Canal provides them with an excellent opportunity to have a dinner and a beautiful evening on the Cruise along the Grand Canal of Dublin. The delightful dinner on the cruise can easily be converted to make it a hen do and allow the young ladies to enjoy the night to its fullest.

Viking Splash Tours

things to do in Dublin 10

Viking Splash Tours is a grand way to see the city of Dublin. The tour consists of both land and water routes. It offers to show the places from a World War II amphibious vehicle in addition to the information and insights provided by the entertaining and engaging commentators. The trip ensures you never miss out on anything and enjoy the thrilling tour.

Ghost Bus Tour

things to do in Dublin 11

For the people who love Halloween and supernatural events, the Ghost Bus Tour is a must to attend in their Dublin’s To-Do List. The guide is a 14th Century plague victim’s character and some other Dublin’s characters. The tour takes the tourists to the famous haunted sites like the St. Audoen’s Church, the Black Church and the Kilmainham Gaol Prison. The tour operators even take the tourists to the internationally acclaimed Glasnevin Cemetry famous for the paranormal activities and sightings.


Read our tips about hen parties organization and party food

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hen party venues

Celebrating the hen party is an amazing experience, and when it comes to celebrating in Dublin, it’s all the more exciting. Dublin is full of locations where the young women can celebrate their hen parties in the best way possible. The city is safe enough for the women round the clock, and the city is welcoming for all, be its residents or the tourists from the nearby countries or locations. We have chosen top ten venues with private function halls for celebrating hen party in Dublin for the convenience of the young ladies. Let us have a look at these places.


Toners Pub

Toner's Pub Dublin

Toners Pub is one great place to arrange for your hen party. The pub has two function halls, one upstairs and the other downstairs and both have their own bars. Each hall can handle around 100 people. They can decorate the area if you book in advance. They also provide finger food platters.

The Waterloo bar



Situated on Baggot Street over the canal, the Waterloo Bar has a dedicated function room with a private bar and a heated terrace. The women can enjoy their hen party with a gleaming view of the surrounding even on cold chilly winter nights. The place is a well-known dining place and it also has a good collection of craft beer and wine selection.

J.W. Sweetman


J.W.Sweetman lies on the quays beside the O’Connell bridge that has two bars with different sizes. The basement of the place is free for rent for organizing parties. It has a bar and also houses the products from its own brewery. He area can be well decorated and themed parties can be arranged here easily.

Devitt’s Pub


If the bride to be is a music buff and wants some live music to be played on her last freedom night, the Devitts Pub is the right place for her. Situated on the Wexford Street, the place is adept at organizing a well-deserved hen party with live music in the background.

The Boars Head


This place is a great location to organize your hen party. The Boars Head has a very nice function room with multimedia support in the form of projectors screen. The bar houses a variety of spirits and alcohol to booze the girls up and can host a size of even 40-50 ladies at one go. It is located on Capel Street.




Chaplins is located on the Hawkins Street and has a very well furnished function room upstairs. It is the home of the Capital Comedy Club and hosts many top Irish comedians. It serves a variety of food like pizza, pints, pitchers and wine. You can organize your hen party night here if like live comedy and music at the same time.

The Black Sheep

the black sheep

The Black Sheep is a place to celebrate your hen party. It is located on the Capel Street and has a party hall downstairs. It can be easily decorated and the couches, barrels, stools and ample amount of standing place makes it a great place to organize a small hen party night of around ten young ladies.

Trinity Inn


The Trinity Inn is an upscale pub on the Pearse Street. The entire pub can be booked that has a capacity of around 110 people. They have some serious sound systems and the place can be used to organize some naughty themed hen parties.

Arthurs Pub


If you would want to arrange some live music, dance, cabaret, theater, and dinner, then, Arthurs Pub is the right place to organize your hen party. The place is available for free and is a great place if you want your hen party to be musical. The dinner served here is exquisite and you would love it with a range of brewed alcohol.

Sin é           


The pub is located on the quays by Grattan Bridge. It has a party house named “The Cave”. The place is designed to hold some of the naughtiest and kinkiest hen parties in Dublin. The place has the projector screen, surrounds sound system and has some of the best food. The area is a bit smaller and adequate to hold a crazy hen party night for around 8 to 10 ladies but it is suitable enough if you want a discreet and condensed atmosphere.

The places mentioned in the list have a history of organizing some of the best hen party nights in Dublin. These places are safe enough for late night parties and have the reputation of hosting some of the best events around. Hen Party is your once in a lifetime chance and you should make it worth remembering by organizing it in such a manner that you may remember it for a lifetime.


The Front Door

front door

The Front Door is located in a perfect location in the core of Dublin: Dame street. It’s a newly refurbished bar and restaurant, with a  cool and cozy downstair area, that you can be entirely booked for your hen party. Nude life drawing and other activities can be organized in the private area. Good selection of cocktails, nibbles, and proper lunch and dinner for party goers. Nice is even the music that plays until late.

Would you like to book a venue for your hen party? Drop as an email to explore what activities we can organize for your group.


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gluten free cupcakes

It’s party time!  Your best friend is celebrating her hen party at home, and she clearly stated she doesn’t mean to go to Temple Bar, crawling from pub to pub and heading to the Coppers.  She’d rather staying with you and the other fellas, sipping some prosecco and watching some old funny pictures. Baking some colorful and tasty cupcakes could be a good start to kick-off the party!

Here you find our party food quick recipe for you!



3 eggs

½ cup of oil (120ml)

1 cup of milk

1 cup of sugar (160g)

2 (really) full spoons of pure cacao powder (Cacao, not Cocoa…the healthier and tastier option for chocolate lovers!)

1 ½ cup of gluten free flour mix (180g) – if using regular wheat flour the quantity changes to 2 cups


First, break the eggs carefully to separate the white from the yolks.

In a blender jug, join the oil, milk and egg yolks and beat it for a couple of minutes until it gets pale color.

Stop and add the sugar, cocoa powder and half of the flour. Blend it again until the dough is well mixed.

Stop and add the rest of the flour and blend the dough again for a couple of minutes. Place the dough in a bowl.

Apart beat the egg whites till stiff peaks are formed.

Slowly join the fluffy white eggs to the dough, using a spatula. At this stage we cannot beat the mix, but with delicate movements keep involving the white eggs with the dough, making sure the fluffy texture is kept and that we have a homogeneous mix.

Place small portions of the dough in cupcakes cases, filling it until 2/3; the cupcakes will grow even with no yeast and the size is gonna be just perfect!

Here you can learn how to make delicious gluten free cupcakes.


½ can of condensed milk (about 200ml)

The double measure of milk (about 400ml)

2 sifted egg yolks (to get rid of the strong egg smell, we recommend carefully remove the thin membrane which involves the yolk)

Cracked Walnuts

1 full teaspoon of butter


Add all the ingredients in a pan and under low-medium heat, keep stirring the mix with a wooden spoon until the cream gets a tick velvety texture.

Once the filling is cooled down, you can simply use a knife to do a use a piping bag with a filling nozzle so you can push it into the muffin center (be careful to do not break the muffin or reach its button).

Squeeze the bag firmly, but carefully, and automatically you will feel the bag being pushed back; so keep bringing the bag up until the top.


Use icing and decoration as you desire. Nowadays we can easily find ready icing in TescoMarks SpencerDecobakeFallon & Byrn shops and many others.


Would you like to get more ideas of party food?

Read the blog of the naked chef!

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Every guy, rich or not, enjoys the last day of his bachelorhood with some of his closest and intimate buddies partying in some upscale restaurant or a club with a lot of booze and women. If the guys can, why cannot the women? Hen parties are those parties where the “bride to be” enjoys her last day before marriage with her women gang. It is a party where no guys are allowed. It is an all-girls party and of course, the men can join them on a condition that they are the strip-stars.

Now that the women are to celebrate the event, how can there not be a specific theme. Hen party themes are the real essence of these parties. Let us see some of the best hen party themes prevalent in the UK at present.




The all pink theme symbolizes femininity. Pink is for the girls, and all the set up is done in the pink shades from the dresses to the backgrounds and balloons. It is a tribute to that bride who is who is full of feminine genes.




Every girl in her schooldays has a fantasy to join the coveted cheerleader’s club and cheer for her team. She has a secret wish to wear those skimpy cheerleader dresses and make her presence felt by her alluring moves. If your “bride to be” missed the experience, let her enjoy it the very last day of her freedom.




Black and blonde have always been the hottest combination when it comes to hen parties. Blonde girls look best in black and who does not want to look best in one such hen nights. The theme is an evergreen one and is the most sought after hen party themes in London.




The naughty schoolgirl theme is the excuse to relive those carefree and chirpy days. It’s the best a bubbly and cheerful bride would want on her hen night. Girls in tight white satin blouse with miniskirts to emphasize their long slender legs are always a striking combination to showcase.




The fairytale theme hen parties contain all the essence of a fairy tale. There are women dressed in fairy costumes with butterfly wings and fairy crown on their head. It symbolizes the completion of the bride’s search for her prince charming who would treat her like his queen.




For all the ladies who like to dominate the men with their dominatrix attitude, a dominatrix-themed hen party is all they can expect. Women dressed to kill are the main attraction in these parties.




Hawaii is the place where every woman wants to spend her honeymoon. Why not gift her same in her hen party. Flowers, sundresses, bikini and all the Hawaiian Skirts make for a really horny hen night.




Women dressed in red with devil’s horn on their head surrounding the bride to be in Angel’s outfit makes for a great hen night. It is like the devils provoking the angel to get tempted and enjoy everything the night has to offer and the angel not yielding to the temptations.




Naughty secretary who is always ready to have some fun is one of the most loved themes for young adults’ hen parties. Women dressed in sexy secretary outfit dancing on the floor with the bride make a great hen night.




Rainbow hen party theme is for those girls who are all colourful and have a group which is too vibrant and diverse. Pretty girls dressed in rainbow colours surrounding the bride make the whole atmosphere colourful and celebratory.


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How to organize a Hen party at home

10 + 1 unique ideas for your hen night in

Hen party at home can be just as much, if not more, fun than a night out in city, crawling from pub to pub or clubbing all night long. There are loads of ideas to consider and with a bit of thinking outside the box, you can have a very fun and memorable time, not to mention your wallet might thank you!

Here are some ideas I hope you will find useful when thinking about having a hen party at home:

1. Decorations


Be creative! Go to 2 euro shop and buy a bag of balloons. Invest some money for a marker and print some invitations with the name of the bride.
It’s plenty of free templates out there to customize your pictures and invitations.

Or , you can just use some Word templates to send some invitations or moke press released:





You can Customize your t-shirt  shopping online or  just wear masks, to add a bit of mysterious!
The key point is customization!


2. Party food

party food

No, you don’t need to be a master chef! Just be creative and work with the presentation of the food.

For eg. Buy bread sticks and roll some ham around, or prepare some fruit skewers or ‘caprese’.
In other words, all you need: toothpick, cherry tomatoes, cherry mozzarella, olives. Pay attention to the colors.

Here you find some of my favorite party food recipes.
The idea is to share the skills, so if somebody is good in baking, another can just show how to make a good sandwich or improvise some tapas! It’s faster and simpler than what you think!


3. Cooking party: the naked chef


Here is my naughty and refined version of the previous point.
If you want to experience a taste of Italy and you are from Dublin, the naked chef is what you want to book.
You kill two birds with one stone: the bride will gain some culinaries skills before her wedding, and you will find something hot and spicy in the kitchen 🙂


4. Games

dare to do

It’s plenty of games you can play with your friends to celebrate your hen party, or why not, even an important birthday party.

Here you can find a list of funny and naughty games you can organize at the comfort of your place.
From MR and MRS quiz, to ‘Pin the hunk’. Don’t forget to involve the groom before the party, and bring along with you a smartphone.

With this app: https://himandhervideos.com/ the bride and groom record their answers by webcam (or smartphone), then you get a DVD and video link to play on the night.


4. Flowers


Don’t take for granted the effect of decorate the house with beautiful flowers.
If you are from Dublin go to Grafton street,  and grab a bunch of roses for only 5 euro.


5. Make up Masterclass

make up tutorial

Again, if there is an expert in the group, she can deliver a tutorial and teach the perfect makeup. Grab a smartphone and shoot a video while she is improving the skin of the bride. Then you can share the ‘before/after’ among you on a private group on Youtube or Facebook

6. Pajama party


If you have only your granny gown in your wardrobe, just go to  Pennyes /Primark and with approx. 10 euro, you can be very funny, or very sexy, or the combination of the two.

7. Book a butler in the buff

butler in the buff

You want to avoid the tacky stripper but as well you don’t want to spend the night playing Cluedo?
Why don’t you book a topless waiter, and let you and bride  being spoiled by him?
A cheeky butler in the buff can refill the glasses, entertain the group, get involved in your party games.
You can ask him to replace the poster of the pin the hunk game, so you need to find the courage to stick the pin on his body.

8. Karaoke Night


We all like to sing, right! We sing in the car, having a shower, on the LUAS, but the singing with your friends, with some glasses of prosecco and the excitement of a hen party, is quite different. Karaoke is an outcome in bars, restaurants, hotels, so why not organizing a Karaoke night in your place

Just go on Youtube, connect a Hi-Fi and borrow a projector! A good tip is to advise the neighbors few hours in advance, and bring some cookies as apologies 🙂

9. Amarcord time



Before Social media.

Let’s be nostalgic and recall school time! Bring some old odd pictures of the bride-to-be: polaroid, school yearbooks,

photos of the first communion or that fun trip at the secondary school. Search for the embarrassing ones, that awkward ex-boyfriend.

Here you a cool and free template to create your digital multimedia yearbook.

10. Build a book
Similar to the previous game. But add some nice touch, writing genuine phrases that the bride will share with her kids. Buy a scrapbook with removable pages, and mail a page to all of the bachelorette’s girlfriends. Ask everyone to decorate one side with photos of herself and/or the bride, funny quotes and memories, a letter, mementos of their friendship, etc. On the other side, have them write out their favorite recipe. Wrap it up and give it to her during the party.

Polaroid could be a great idea!

life drawing polaroid


+1. Survival Kit

survival kit

The most useful things to pop into your party bags that probably the bride and all the hens might need the next morning. Here is the ultimate list of survival items you might want to include: Bottle of water/lucozade/coke, Painkiller, Plasters, Chewing gum, Hair bobbins/pins.
You can buy online this cute and original cotton pouch bag:




Hangover remedy

hangover remedies

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Party food: Salmon tartare

Party home? A super refined party food recipe: salmon tartare

hen party at home

So, your posh best  that lives in that beautiful house facing the Irish sea decided to celebrate her hen party at home, because is sick of clubs and pubs in Temple Bar, right!

You are the bridesmaid and you have the honour and commitment to help her with her hen do.

Ideas, Decorations, Games, and some good and quick recipes are what you need.

Here you will find a super refined party food recipe, ready in 10 minutes: promise!


Smoked salmon, oil, lemon, black pepper, mustard, avocado, tabasco, cherry tomatoes, parsley.

salmon tartare


  1. Slice the smoked salmon into very tiny pieces.
  2. Put the salmon in a bowl. Add lemon juice, black pepper, pinch of salt and the parsley (previously cut). Add a spoon of mustard. Mix.
  3. Cut the avocado into small pieces. Then mash the avocado with a fork. Add black pepper, and salt.
  4. Cut the cherry tomatoes in small pieces and add to the avocado sauce.
  5. Get a small bowl or a champagne glass or any cute transparent container and place the salmon and the avocado sauce. Use a branch of parsley to decorate. Almond flakes would be great!
  6. Leave the tartare in the fridge for 30 minute

Would you like to explore other ideas for hen parties? Read our blog.

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how to organize the perfect hen party

10 Tips to plan the perfect hen party

So you’ve got the Maid of Honour gig, your head is spinning with thoughts of dresses, shoes, hairstyles then someone mentions the Hen Party. Yikes, you have never organized anything in your life, except maybe a dinner party and even then you managed to get the numbers wrong! Breath, I am here to tell you it is totally doable. The following are my ten tips for throwing the perfect hen party, that the bride will treasure memories of for years to come.

This is very important in deciding  what type of hen party you are going to have. Maybe get the other bridesmaids and the bride around to your place for a few nibbles and wine, to trash around ideas. These days it’s not unheard of for to go abroad. Michelle Keegan had her hen party in Dubai, Kris Kardashian had hers in Las Vegas, obviously this is a more expensive option. Whatever the venue make sure you budget properly, and do not end up out of pocket. Always allow a little extra, which if left over you can buy a round of drinks with on the night.

Send out emails or cards in plenty of time. Most hen parties are four to six weeks before the wedding. Which gives the bride plenty of time to recover for the Big day. Invite the other hens to lease with you as much as possible. Taking any ideas on board for improving the event and making it more special for the bride.
Keep in mind who is attending, is the bride’s mother maybe grandmother? Just because you and your friends enjoy a few shots and then hitting the dance floor does not mean it’s for everyone!

girls hen do

The bride has chosen you for the job, you may know her a long time. Whatever happens Don’t embarrass her on the night. Thoughts of grinding well oiled men, L plates flapping may be on your ideal hen night list but may make her recoil in horror. This is the brides night let her enjoy it and have fun memories to think back on for years to come.

These days it is possible to book a hen party, to numerous different organized venues, from cooking to sculpting, art classes to a day on a farm the list is endless. These would definitely cut out a lot of work for you, as someone else is being paid to keep you entertained. It’s also someone to blame should there be any hiccups!

Booking the venue is obviously your job, try to book it in plenty of time. Should there be a hotel involved, pay the deposit, most hotels will allow you to pay the balance on the day. Ensure all goes smoothly by having the correct amount ready, ask about group rates, decorations, and menu options. Be prepared to haggle to get the best price, if it’s a pub ask them to reserve a space for you especially if it’s a weekend night.

It doesn’t matter how much the bride is involved in organizing the night have a few little surprises up your sleeve. These don’t have to cost anything, maybe framed photos of nights out, or from school days. Some small fun gifts.. Not too rude! Anything that will put a smile on her face.

It’s traditional to see the bride to be with a white vail, If this isn’t her style.. have some props ready so she will stand out, Angel wings, fun wigs, or any other fun costume ideas.

You will have included this in your costing, Insure to recheck the day before to see they are aware of booking, and collection times.

10. RELAX!
You have done your best, have fun!


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