Hen Party Activities in Dublin that Don’t Involve Strippers

7 Great alternative if you are not into strippers

hen party activities that don't involve strippers in Dublin

The stripper at the hen party has become an ‘almost’ mandatory feature, much to the dismay of the more conservative hens in the party.  Plus most strippers are overrated anyway, and some can get horribly expensive. There are more fun ways to get ‘naughty’ fun other than having a strange sweaty crotch gyrating near you. What are some fun hen activities in Dublin that you can do without strippers?

The throwback kid

Inizia da

How about bringing back the kid in the hens? Rent a bouncing castle and other big kid’s toys. Some play doh will also come in handy plus body paint. Look up fun craft ideas you can do with these items, then kick-back and watch old kid shows on DVD.

Dancing classes

Dance classes in Dublin

You were to head out dancing anyway, so why not it does in a more memorable way. Hire a dance instructor for a few hours and sweet talk the DJ into playing salsa or some other exciting dance. The rudimentary dancing skills will also come in handy during the wedding reception.

yoga in Dublin


Who said that hen parties must always be rowdy raucous affairs? Some quiet introspection could be useful for the whole group and help the hen walk into her marriage with a fresh look at life. Hire a yoga instructor and start off the day with some sweat and stretching. Follow it up with a full body Thai massage and a session at the spa. Finish off with an hour of meditation.

Cards and Board games night

Cards and Board games night

There are tens of card games you can play in your living room or in the private lounge you hire. A grand tournament complete with prizes can last well into the night. There are card versions of truth or dare you can try out.

Girls about town

girls in town

Dublin is a pretty big city. Use the hen night to discover all those fun places that you have been itching to check out. Crawl the new restaurants and try out new ethnic dishes in at least 5 of them. Check out new pubs and end it with a trip to the mall for some fun shopping. A new scent for the bride will be very welcome.

Cooking lessons

cooking lesson

If you have some hours in the day, use them to polish up on cooking skills. You can follow one of the celebrity YouTube chefs, or better yet, you can hire one for a few days.

If you wish something more cheeky, then you can hire a naked chef! No pun intended.


bowling in Dublin

Bowling is a perfect way to spend time with friends having fun, food, drinks and plenty of juicy gossip.


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