Hen Party Taboos you Should Break

Looking forward to having an awesome hen party?

You probably have some wild hen party ideas, but you are afraid that some are too wild. The hen party is that one day when you should not hold back. You will never have another one.  It is a day to break taboos and traditions.

hen party taboo you should brake

Do it at home

A hen party at home would not be many people’s idea of a great party. It is an option to explore.

You don’t have to pay for the venue; you can do whatever you want and be as wild as you want

without fearing that you will wake up in a cell.



Do it in the day

It is an unwritten rule that a hen party should be done at night. You can break this rule and do it in the day. You can talk to a hen party organizer to have a wider range of activities. Having a day hen party will allow more people to attend even your mom friends.


Invite men

Men at a hen party are unheard of except for the stripper. Indeed, that is why it is called a hen party. But think of the games you can play with the men around. Your party’s wildness index will go up by a high percentage when there are some males around.


Invite a pastor

If you are more inclined to a quieter hen party, consider having a man of God grace the event. The man of God can throw in a word or two on how to go forward in your coming union. Your hen party organizer can plan for a church theme party. Who said godly people are not entitled to some fun?

invite a pastor

Have a female stripper

You can have some fun ogling at another girl get naughty. There is a thing or two to be learned in the sensuous art of the female stripper.  A good hen party the idea is to have a pair of a female stripper and male stripper doing their thing. This would turn the heat up and bring out the naughtier side of the girls.


Make it a week long

Instead of the usual one night of partying, make it a week long. You are having a once in a lifetime event so make the most out of it. With a good hen party organizer, it is possible to have a week full of fun activities.  Go for a long road trip and see places you never had a chance to see.

make it a week long

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