How to draw a nude in 10 steps

A nude life drawing can be a creative, fun and interesting way to spend your afternoon.

how to draw a nude

Capturing the beauty of the human body for art makes for an excellent picture subject and theme. This short article will show you the essentials to draw great, tasteful portrait of a nude, from finding models, to posing, composition, and lighting.

  1. Find a model

You don’t need to find a professional model, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Once you find a model, be very clear about what you wish to draw, so there will be no misunderstanding during the drawing session.

nude model

  1. Choose a location

Choose a large room in your house or hire a studio (according to your budget). Even a private yard could be of use.

do it home


  1. Deliver your vision

First of all, collect all the materials you need in advance, from the pencils to the props you intend to use. Which will be used for the model’s backdrop, other props used for example will be pictures, furniture, accessories etc…

drawing material

  1. Plan the session

Find an inspiring soundtrack to play through the session to obtain the best results. Try to jot down a quick schedule. This will make you feel more at ease and the model will feel more relaxed knowing what to expect.


  1. Make the model feel welcome

Don’t forget to be friendly and provide the model with a private space where he can undress comfortably.

model comfortable

  1. Heating devices

Goosebumps are not sexy! Be sure there is an adequate source of heat in the room so the model will be able to pose without any worry.

 hot environment for your model

  1. Play with the lights

Try to play with the lights to accentuate the natural beauty of the model. You can light everything evenly so you’ll be able to draw even the smallest details or you can use a softer light to capture the curves of the muscles.

drammatic lights

  1. Express your creativity

Collaborate with the model, don’t be afraid to give instructions. Create a dynamic movement by having your model twist his shoulders off-axis from his hips. Take example from the great work of ancient Rome. Find your own style.

nude drawing party home

  1. Use different material

Don’t limit yourself to a black and white drawing using a pencil, You can always switch to charcoal, colors, white pencil on a black background… the possibilities are endless.


  1. Have Fun with your nude model!

    have fun with your model

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