how to organize the perfect hen party

10 Tips to plan the perfect hen party

So you’ve got the Maid of Honour gig, your head is spinning with thoughts of dresses, shoes, hairstyles then someone mentions the Hen Party. Yikes, you have never organized anything in your life, except maybe a dinner party and even then you managed to get the numbers wrong! Breath, I am here to tell you it is totally doable. The following are my ten tips for throwing the perfect hen party, that the bride will treasure memories of for years to come.

This is very important in deciding  what type of hen party you are going to have. Maybe get the other bridesmaids and the bride around to your place for a few nibbles and wine, to trash around ideas. These days it’s not unheard of for to go abroad. Michelle Keegan had her hen party in Dubai, Kris Kardashian had hers in Las Vegas, obviously this is a more expensive option. Whatever the venue make sure you budget properly, and do not end up out of pocket. Always allow a little extra, which if left over you can buy a round of drinks with on the night.

Send out emails or cards in plenty of time. Most hen parties are four to six weeks before the wedding. Which gives the bride plenty of time to recover for the Big day. Invite the other hens to lease with you as much as possible. Taking any ideas on board for improving the event and making it more special for the bride.
Keep in mind who is attending, is the bride’s mother maybe grandmother? Just because you and your friends enjoy a few shots and then hitting the dance floor does not mean it’s for everyone!

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The bride has chosen you for the job, you may know her a long time. Whatever happens Don’t embarrass her on the night. Thoughts of grinding well oiled men, L plates flapping may be on your ideal hen night list but may make her recoil in horror. This is the brides night let her enjoy it and have fun memories to think back on for years to come.

These days it is possible to book a hen party, to numerous different organized venues, from cooking to sculpting, art classes to a day on a farm the list is endless. These would definitely cut out a lot of work for you, as someone else is being paid to keep you entertained. It’s also someone to blame should there be any hiccups!

Booking the venue is obviously your job, try to book it in plenty of time. Should there be a hotel involved, pay the deposit, most hotels will allow you to pay the balance on the day. Ensure all goes smoothly by having the correct amount ready, ask about group rates, decorations, and menu options. Be prepared to haggle to get the best price, if it’s a pub ask them to reserve a space for you especially if it’s a weekend night.

It doesn’t matter how much the bride is involved in organizing the night have a few little surprises up your sleeve. These don’t have to cost anything, maybe framed photos of nights out, or from school days. Some small fun gifts.. Not too rude! Anything that will put a smile on her face.

It’s traditional to see the bride to be with a white vail, If this isn’t her style.. have some props ready so she will stand out, Angel wings, fun wigs, or any other fun costume ideas.

You will have included this in your costing, Insure to recheck the day before to see they are aware of booking, and collection times.

10. RELAX!
You have done your best, have fun!


How to organize a Hen party at home
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