Karaoke Hen Package Dublin

Are you having a hen party? Come to Dublin and make it an unforgettable experience for the bride-to-be and the hens. How about a hen package with a bit of music for everyone? We have the perfect package.

What does this package offer?

  • 2 hours karaoke in a private venue
  • Nude life drawing
  • Cocktail class

Karaoke in Dublin

karaoke in DublinLive your dream of 15 minutes of fame with our karaoke package. This will be at a private venue so you don’t have to worry about worried glances at your bad voice. This is a 2-hour event which is ample time for everyone to have a go at the mic. There will be plenty of drinks to oil your throats and bring out your wilder and creative side. The playlist is varied, with a song for all tastes.

Nude life drawing in Dublin

nude life drawing in DublinHow about having the bride-to-be and her hens try a hand at art. This is spicy and risqué art, trying to draw the human male form. The hen partiers will have a thrill of seeing how each imagines different male parts as put on paper, by imitating what is on a hot male model.

The nude life drawing is under the guide of a professional art teacher, who will encourage you to add a stroke here, and shading there to make your short-lived Picasso dream come true. The session lasts 90 minutes. Prosecco is served to help you relax and open up your drawing eye a bit better.

  • Hot male model to do different poses
  • HB drawing pencil and clipboard for everyone
  • A professional art guide
  • Professional photo shoot
  • A Polaroid print of your drawing
  • A prize for the best drawing

Cocktail class in Dublin

cocktail class in DublinWould the bride-to-be like to improve her hosting skills? Mixing cocktails is a great art that will impress your guests every time. The cocktail class is a quick and fun lesson on the basics of cocktail mixing. You will be amazed at what you can do with a bottle of vodka or whiskey, a few lemons, and chocolate. Have fun trying each other’s cocktails.





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