Naughty hen party games

Naughty and cheeky hen party games: 

here you can find a selection of my favourite games you can play in the comfort of your home. To add even more spice, re-examined by Latino’s style

hen party naughty games
butler in the buff

Topless waiter/butler in the buff

Not only for your hen party… Whatever you wish to celebrate your birhtday party or a girls’ night in in Dublin and surrounding areas, why don’t you add a hint of spicy atmospheare with our topless waiter/butler in the buff service?  We can prepare and serve cocktails for you and your friends, entartaining with some funny games. Have a look at samples of Hen party games we can easily organize!

Hen Party Games : 1) Pin The Hunk


This Hen Party Game is a naughty version of the classic kid’s game Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Get a large cardboard cut-out of a classic Hunk. Simply hang a picture of a good old fashioned Hunk on the wall or attach one to a board. Then create 5 or 6 cardboard penises (to scale with the hunk). These can literally be cut out from pink card and the outline drawn with a felt tip. Stick a bit of Blu Tack on the back of each penis. Give each contestant a cardboard willie which they should mark with their initials. Then blindfold all of the girls taking part. In turn they must all pin the penis on the hunk as near to the appropriate place as possible. The girl who gets the penis nearest to the crutch area wins!
Alternatively, you can buy a set from Partyworld
To get even more naughty, I am happy to replace the poster and be your hunky model where to stick the cards.

pin the hunk
blindfolded tasting

Hen Party Games : 2) Blindfolded testing challenge


  • Choose a selection of foods that taste different. Avoid food too unpleasant.
  • Use items that can be swallowed without being chewed, or cut things up into very small pieces. Use items such as drops of juice, milk, pieces of orange, green pepper, cinnamon, ketchup, pickle juice.
  • Blindfold the bride
  • Place a sample on her tongue and ask that she guess what the item is.
  • Go to the next player with the same item if it was not guessed correctly.
  • Continue with that item until it is guessed correctly or all girls have attempted to identify it.
  • I will be happy to assist you in this game ! I always start my naked chef experience with this fun and intriguing game

Hen Party Games : 3) Strip Quiz


What is it?

We will split your party into two teams. One team led by the bride-to-be and the other by the bridesmaid. The challenge is to answer simple questions about food and drinks!

What happens next!?

The contestant that correctly answers earns 1 point for her team ..and…needs to take off one of my garments.If a girl gives the wrong answer, she gets a shot from my extinguisher bottle!

Who wins the game?!

The winning team is the one that gets me naked! Hey, note that one bottle of vodka is included in my extinguisher bottle.

strip quiz

Hen Party Games : 4) Mr and Mrs Quiz

This game requires a little preparation. Ask the groom-to-be to answer a series of questions about the bride and then she has to guess the answers.

Sample questions

1. What is ‘HIS’ confirmation name?

2. How often does ‘HE’ change his socks?

3. What shirt collar size does ‘HE’ wear?

4. What’s ‘HIS’ favourite movie?

5. What is ‘HER’ worst habit (according to ‘HIM’)?

6. Who does the most cooking in the house?

7. What Female movie/TV star does ‘HE’ fancy?

 8. What’s ‘HIS’ favourite cocktail?

 9. What position does ‘HE’ play ……on the field?

10. What was the name of ‘HIS’ favourite childhood pet?

 11. Which one of ‘HIS’ relatives does ‘SHE’ like least?

12. Which one of ‘HER’ relatives does ‘HE’ like least?

13. What’s ‘HER’ favourite cocktail?

14. What is the name of ‘HER’ first boyfriend?

15. How old was ‘HE’ when he first kissed a girl?

16. What’s ‘HER’ bra size? (no peeking)

17. What’s ‘HIS’ favourite book?

18. What famous movie/TV star does ‘HE’ think he is most like?

19. What is ‘HIS’ favourite lingerie of ‘HER’s?

 20. Who will be the most hung over after the wedding?

Hen Party Games : 5) Pop the Balloon, I dare you


What you need:
Balloons – one for every member of the group
Notecards with dares on them

Come up with dares. Write them on pieces of notecard. Then you put the message into a balloon. Line up the hens, they pick a balloon, they must put the balloons on the chair and pop the balloons with their bum. Whatever is on the message they have to do that night.

Why not taking advantage of your butler in the buff for your dares? You can ask to do something naughty interacting with the nude butler..

dare games

Hen Party Games : 6) Condom fit

What you need:

Banana or cucumber, one for every girl



Hand everyone a banana with a condom on top

Start the countdown and check who is the faster that can unroll the condom

on the banana using only their mouth

You can take advantage of your cheeky hunky model in any way pop up into your mind

banana condom fit game
bite the cherry

Hen Party Games : 7) Bite the cherry

Set a plate with five cherries on it in front of every player. The object of the game is to be the first to eat all five cherries.

They must do this with their hands behind their backs using only their mouths. Cover the plate of cherries with whipped cream. Get the camera ready cause you’re going to want to take lots of pictures.

Now that’s a funny party game!

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