Things to do in Dublin

Not necessarily for a hen party

things to do in Dublin

Dublin is home to all the fun and adventure you would otherwise miss in London. It is a great place for partygoers.
If you plan your hen party night and other activities in Dublin or just want to unwind from your daily routine, Dublin is the right place for you. The Celtic Capital has a lot to offer to its guests. Bachelorette parties have evolved, and the hen parties have taken their place. Earlier, the bachelorette parties were known for the display of hidden carnal desires and feelings, getting drunk and doing anything on the last night of freedom. However, these parties have evolved and women adopt a theme which they could not do but would like to do before their marriage.

Let us find out various ways to spend your weekend or celebrate the hen party night in Dublin, Ireland.


Guinness Storehouse

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If you are a booze freak and love Irish Ale, Guinness Storehouse would be your best option in Dublin to celebrate your hen party night. Here you can learn about the various brewing techniques and taste the flavours of the traditional drinks. Yeah, you will never run out of spirit here.

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

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For all the visitors in Dublin, Kilmainham Gaol is a place to relive the past, albeit for a small time. It was the prison during the Anglo-Irish war and hundreds of prisoners were kept Even some of the Irish Crusaders were executed here as per the orders

Phoenix Park

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Phoenix Park is the largest man-made recreational park in all over the Europe. It is open 24 hours a day and all seven days of the week. The entry is free, and you also get to see the beautiful deer galloping around the park. It’s serene and calm environment is free from the city buzz and makes for a great place to visit on a weekend.

Dublin Zoo

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To complement your hen party night before you become a party animal, you can visit the Dublin Zoo. The zoo houses a number of exotic animals away from the wilderness giving the people an opportunity to see them within the city premises. There animals, reptiles, birds and amphibians to entertain you.

Dublin Castle

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The 900-year-old castle is a paramount seat of power in Ireland. It was the power centre of the Irish Kings, then transferred to the UK’s representative Government in Ireland and then handed over to the elected Irish Government. The nostalgic atmosphere is ideal for those who spend a weekend admiring the past and history.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, also known as The National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin, was founded in 1191 and remains the largest church in all of Ireland. It is a massive stone structure beautifully maintained by the authorities. The place is calm and serene and would give you a great environment to spend few minutes in peace and silence.

Boat Trips

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The boat trips are a great way of celebrating your hen party night. The boat trips hen parties are gaining popularity among the youth, and the women find it extremely romantic to enjoy their last day of freedom on the fluidic floor. The boats can be hired beside the O’Connell Bridge and would show you the beautiful Dublin sights.

Dinner Cruise

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For the ladies who love partying on cruise ships, the Grand Canal provides them with an excellent opportunity to have a dinner and a beautiful evening on the Cruise along the Grand Canal of Dublin. The delightful dinner on the cruise can easily be converted to make it a hen do and allow the young ladies to enjoy the night to its fullest.

Viking Splash Tours

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Viking Splash Tours is a grand way to see the city of Dublin. The tour consists of both land and water routes. It offers to show the places from a World War II amphibious vehicle in addition to the information and insights provided by the entertaining and engaging commentators. The trip ensures you never miss out on anything and enjoy the thrilling tour.

Ghost Bus Tour

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For the people who love Halloween and supernatural events, the Ghost Bus Tour is a must to attend in their Dublin’s To-Do List. The guide is a 14th Century plague victim’s character and some other Dublin’s characters. The tour takes the tourists to the famous haunted sites like the St. Audoen’s Church, the Black Church and the Kilmainham Gaol Prison. The tour operators even take the tourists to the internationally acclaimed Glasnevin Cemetry famous for the paranormal activities and sightings.


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